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Head Start Child and Family Development Centers, Inc.
Serving Children and Families in the Coulee Region...

What is Head Start?
Head Start is a free Federal and State funded, private, non-profit organization serving 3 to 5 year old pre-school children and their
families within our communities.

Who can apply?
Any child 3-5 years old may apply for Head Start. Household income is a factor; however any child is eligible to apply. (90% low income households & 10 % maximum - above income households)

What is included in the curriculum?
The curriculum includes individual and group activities to stimulate intellectual, social, emotional, and self-help development of each child. Health screenings are provided and nutritional needs are met through serving breakfast and lunch for AM classes or lunch and a snack for PM classes.

When does Head Start Center-based program operate?
The Head Start centers are in operation from August to May of each school year. Transportation is provided to those who reside within the bussing routes. All centers are open Monday – Thursday for approximately 3-4 hours per day.

What is the Head Start Home-based program?
Head Start also offers a Home-based program in which the teacher visits rural children and parent(s) in their homes weekly. In addition, children attend a 3-4 hour class on Fridays. These classes are called Friday clusters.

How do you determine eligibility?
Eligibility for this free program is based on public assistance received, gross household income, family size and/or other determining factors. Wisconsin W-2 and SSI families are eligible. Applicants must reside within our four county area.

Are parents involved?
Parents are a vital part of an effective Head Start program. They may be volunteers in the classroom or help the teacher by doing projects at home. Background checks are required for regular volunteers in classrooms. Parent representatives serve on the Policy Council. Parents are kept informed about classroom activities through home visits and monthly meetings at each center. Preference is given to Head Start parents for employment in the program.
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HSCFDC, Inc. service area covers La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, and Crawford counties. Services are provided to clients based on the following general program descriptions.

Center-based program: Offers morning and afternoon sessions throughout the four county areas. Classes are 3 ½ hours long, Monday through Thursday. The morning sessions offer breakfast and lunch. The afternoon sessions offer lunch and snack. Bussing is available to those who reside within the bussing routes. Our typical school year runs August through May.

Home-based program: Offered to families that are outside of the bussing routes and rural communities within our four county areas. The Head Start teacher visits rural children and families in their homes weekly. In addition, children attend the Head Start Center on Fridays for a 3 ½ hour classroom session. The Friday session offers breakfast and lunch. A typical school year runs August through May.

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